Sunday, September 17, 2006

Still Being Spoilt! 2

Well, I haven't blogged in a while because I've been busy still being spoilt!

So, if it wasn't enough that Piglottie sent me a thank you parcel for all the bits that I sent her in Secret Pal, but then, for writing about my Secret Pal experience, I won 2 balls of Louisa Harding yarn from our hostess Alison! Thanks Alison, sorry there is no picture but I've been busy, being spoilt some more, for my Birthday!

My folks and my Grandpa bought me some knitting books (namely Stitch and Bitch Nation, Mason Dixon Knitting and Simply Fabulous Knitting) which I've been devouring.

mjmknitting, my 'sister-in-friend' sent me some gorgeous stitch markers! They are soooooooooo me because not only are the pink and purple, but they are sparkly. She is so clever to have made them. Here they are pictured on a pink sheepskin cushion - which seemed the right thing to photograph them on!

She also sent me some fabulous knitters hand balm. I can't rave enough about this stuff because I have grotty hands (fabulous nails but grotty hands) which are always really dry and as gross as it sounds, catch on the yarn. Not only does this stuff smooth all that away, but you can knit straight away! You don't have to wait while it soaks in, you just apply it and get knitting! Its the perfect gift for the winter, which is when my hands get worse, the yarn will be slipping through my fingers at lightning speed (if only I could actually knit quickly!).
Now, my brother, who is mjmknitting's partner bought me a ton of cute stuff (mostly non-knitting related so I wont mention it here), but the little cutester found me some of the Bernat Crafter's Cotton, which mjmknitting's Secret Pal (Purl This) told me was the same as Sugar 'n' Cream. So here is a picture of the cotton which is being whipped into a wash cloth (by way of a test drive) as we speak. But if you don't think it is exciting, wait till you see how big the ball is!

Ta da! Look how huge it is (with my hand for scale)!

Now, as if all that wasn't enough, mjmknitting's Secret Pal Purl This sent her a ball of purple yarn to send me (sorry there is no picture right now, blogger has had enough of letting my upload pictures, I'll try to include one later), so that arrived for my birthday too. Now I don't think this is an overstatement, but if you count all my gifts from my Secret Pal Tanja, then the gifts I received from Piglottie, then the yarn I won from Alison and now the yarn I recieved from Purl This, I rather think I might have got more than anyone else from this Secret Pal thing! Hurrah!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Still Being Spoilt!

Even though Secret Pal 8 is over, I am still being spoilt!

This is because the person I was spoiling (the rather lovely Piglottie) sent me a thank you gift for all the things I sent her. This was so unexpected and so naughty of her, but soooooooooooo exciting to receive!!!

In addition to the brooch (made by Piglottie), buttons, stitch markers (made by Piglottie), yarn, teddy needle huggers and soap (made by Piglottie), I also received a gorgeous card (made by Piglottie), a lovely letter and some patterns (including one for a yummy heart scarf)!!!

I can't believe Piglottie did this, she has been heaps of fun to buy for but has been incredibly generous to me all along, even teaching me how to make soap through email and book recommendations. If anyone gets her in a future Secret Pal/exchange, they will be the luckiest participant in the world.

Thanks P! And I hope you and the L are enjoying your holiday!