Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Completed - Men's Jumper

Here is my labour of love! I started knitting this jumper (in secret) in February, for my man, and completed it (with help from my Anuty) just in time for his birthday on Easter Sunday. It was a major project for me because up until knitting it, all I had managed was a few scarves and a poncho. I am extremely pleased with how it turned out, despite the fact I unpicked it a few times, struggled with matching decreases on neck and raglan edge (which the Sirdar pattern didn't in my opinion spell out clearly enough) and messed up the picked-up stiches round the neck (meaning that the rib isn't exactly continuous in a couple of places).

The challenge and steep learning curve that this jumper provided, however, gave me a crash course in knitting and totally gave me the knitting bug! While I was knitting it I started finding all sorts of websites and blogs and yearning for new projects to get my teeth into. So this jumper is really very symbolic for me, it was both something I slaved over to show someone how much I love them, but also indicates the beginning of my obsession with knitting - I hope loving knitting and boys aren't mutually exclusive!

And here (finally) is a picture of the boyfriend in the jumper. Now I know in knitting folklore that knitting a jumper for your boyfriend is meant to be the kiss of death for the relationship, but I come from a long line of women who knitted their boyfriend's jumpers and then they became their husbands, so hopefully things will be ok?! ;-) Plus, he really likes it, so there!!!


At 1:59 pm, Blogger Louise said...

Well done, the jumper looks great on your man. I haven't attempted anything as adventurous like a jumper or cardi yet - and am not considering attempting one for my bloke any time soon; he was excited about my foray into basic scripting with respect to setting up my blog, the knitted critters and pattern sharing, but it will be a while before I knit up enough courage the BIG jumper project.


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