Sunday, April 02, 2006

ReBlog - Eternity Shawl from purlfriday

I'm reblogging this from purlfriday (Tuesday 21st March)

"A nice speculative post...So Mary Kate looks a treat in her eternity shawl. To be honest, I think she bounces between the roles of style maven and bag lady. And if I met her, I'd buy her a pie. But I like the liked it too. But £120? Nope. I can make this. It has reminded me of a stash of pale blue mohair mix that I have residing in the bottom of a plastic box. I might not love it enough to consider mastering the moebius cast on but I can easily knit a long scarf on big needles in mohair and graft the ends together. A little lace patterning, the odd YO and I'll have saved myself £120.Although I must first finish my sock. I reached heel territory before work this morning and intend to turn-away this evening... "

I absolutely love this scarf/shawl. I adore all shawl/scarf/wrap-related items and I'd love to knit this. I agree with purlfriday that it can't be that hard to replicate and wonder if one in cotton would be really nice and floppy (and appropriate for spring months)? I'll have to keep track of purlfriday's blog and see what she comes up with!


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