Saturday, April 29, 2006

WIP - Noro Pattern with the Wrong Wool!

I may have been a little over ambitious!

A friend of mine is getting married in June, and I bought the most beautiful dress (I will post a picture of it at some point). It is rather unusal being a light knit layered with other fabrics and is in a pattern which includes quite Modernist-style drawings of women (I'm an art historian after all!) in an electric blue/purple, rose and pale turquoise colour. Have I made it sound awful? Well its not! Anyway, there was a matching cardi/jacket, but I didn't get it as it seemed a bit much all together. In my Noro pattern book however, I found a pattern for a very short, very plain moss stitch jacket/cardi. I decided that it would be a good style as I just want something to cover my arms for church (I am relatively old fashioned at times) and to cover up in case it is cold (who knows what the weather will do in June!). Despite not having the faintest idea what weight the Noro wool was that was used in the book (does anyone know Noro equivalencies - it doesn't seem to say anywhere?!), I went to my LYS (which is extremely limited) and found some pale turquoise (I would call it eau de nile actually) chenille. I knitted a tension square and by some astonishing miracle it was almost spot on, so I am forging ahead witht the back of the cardi/jacket. To start with, I was finding moss stitch a pain in the arse. I kept making mistakes because I couldn't get the rhythm of flipping the yarn to the back and to the front for every stitch, but the last two days it has fall into place a bit.

I don't want to speak too soon though, and will report back on my progress because I can't help thinking I've been rather ambitious so early on in my knitting life to substitue a wool....we'll see....


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