Wednesday, May 17, 2006

from SP8 buttons to Patterns

I've just uploaded my SP8 button (see right hand menu under 'projects'). There were heaps to choose from (how does anybody find the time to knit and make blog buttons?) and I have to admit I also liked these ones,

but I think one is enough!

Anyway, the first thing I'm learning about doing SP8 is that you really get to know the knitting net. I'm not being particularly naughty and surfing instead of studying, but when I do surf, I'm finding all sorts of extra exciting delights.

For example, I've just fallen for this shrug pattern that I saw A Really Good Yarn was knitting.

Its really pretty and I can just imagine it in a nice soft lilac. The only problem is that I know this is beyond my capability at the moment - but one day?! Actually, I am finding it quite hard to find patterns I really like. I realise that one day I might get good enough to design my own patterns, and that would be fabulous, but in the mean time, I'd really like to be knitting patterns for things I'd really like to be wearing!!!


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