Monday, May 29, 2006

Knit Tin Visit

On Saturday Mum and I decided to venture out to Olney to visit the Knit Tin shop as part of my quest to find myself a LYS. On a good day (which this was not), I guess it might take half an hour or so to get there by car from St Albans, but we were dogged by traffic issues, so it seemed miles away! - Although we had a nice pub lunch which helped! Anyway, when we finally arrived, we found out that it is a really nice yarn shop. I would have loved it to have been bigger (I guess the owners probably would too!), but they had lots of lovely things nonetheless (including some huge purple buttons I really fancied). We both came away with Colinette yarn, which I have to say we both fell for in a big way! I bought some Giotto for a gift I am making a friend (more on that when I've finished it and given it to her!) and some Enigma for myself and a little something for my Secret Pal (by the way they gift wrap and post things to Secret Pal's if you want them too!). Mum also bought some of the Giotto yarn(not the Lasso yarn I originally said) and a pattern and has already completed about a third of the cardi she is knitting because it knits up so quickly and is so nice to knit with! I also made Mum buy some Brittany Birch needles which I think she rather pleased with too. She also bought some new Noro yarn which they had in their window knitted up into a really cute belt using 'yo k2tog', which she is going to recreate, funky fastening and all...

So far this is the nicest physical location I have encountered in which to buy yarn and I think I would be most likely to take my chances with the traffic and travel there to treat myself, but I have more yarn stores to try, so I'll reserve judgment till I've been to them too!


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