Monday, May 22, 2006

WIP - Update (Noro Cardi with the wrong wool)

I thought I should do a quick update of my current WIP, which is nearly finished. I've just got the right sleeve to do. You can see from the picture that the pieces I have done so far are looking a bit wide, which is a bit of a worry. This is perhaps because I am using the wrong wool (as I've mentioned before). I do however have two solutions in mind for this issue - should it actually become an issue that is. One is blocking. I think I've tugged on the yarn quite a bit while knitting it because the texture of the chenille was so uneven that I kept pulling the stitches to check I'd worked them correctly (having not done moss/seed stitch before). Therefore there might be a good chance I can squish the garment smaller when I block it. The other solution is to use some creativity and adjust the garment accordingly; I've been thinkging mostly of using elastic and or ribbon to gather the edges in, and as this cardi/jacket is for a wedding outfit, I think it would suit some embelishment...but we'll see what happens when its done.

I have, however, become rather distracted by a gift I'm knitting a freind for her birthday and the sock yarn that just arrived from my SP, so who knows when this garment will get finished.

- I finally understand why knitters are so promiscuous when it comes to projects!


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