Monday, June 19, 2006

30 Things for Kerrie

In answer to Kerrie's competition at HipKnits:

30 Things About cfknits (That Count to 30)!!!

I have spent 1 night in my car, at Scarborough beach, wrapped up in leopard print bedding (nobody said sleeping in cars couldn’t be glamorous),

I have had 2 car crunches that were my fault, and both of them were with stationery objects (moving targets are harder, obviously),

I have attended 3 schools and 3 universities (just can’t get enough of them!),

In a restaurant called Sambo’s in Santa Barbara I once ate 4 breakfasts in one go (American ones and I’m only little),

During my lifetime I have had 5 imaginary friends and they were called Doocie, Jank, Cockie-Knickers, Nothingness-1 and Nothingness-2 (I have yet to afford a therapist),

My birthday is the 6th of September and my brother’s is the 6th of October (but luckily there is no other sibling to make the third 6),

I’ve been studying at HE level for 7 years (thankfully not 7 years straight, but who knows),

When I was 8 I told my mummy I wished Debbie Harry was my mother instead (I really have no reason for this, its as utterly random as it sounds),

9 is the only times table I can do (other than 2s, 5s and 10s) because I know a trick for it,

I like to take 10 minute showers and believe I am entirely responsible for the drought in Hertfordshire (but using a stopwatch I’ve cut it down a lot OK),

Since starting knitting I’ve knitted 11 items (and counting),

I spend £12 on organic vegetables each week but I don’t eat fruit (except the occasional banana),

When I was 13 a school friend pierced my ears and my whole face went septic (pretty eh?),

I own 14 sets of knitting needles but no knitting needle case (woe is me),

I’ve so far won £15 on the Monday Lottery (but don’t tell my Mum because she doesn’t like lotteries),

When I was 16 my school friends and I ate all the Easter eggs in the junior school Easter egg hunt, but failed to fully dispose of the evidence (it was too much chocolate even for me!) and were punished,

I starting dating my first boyfriend when I was 17 (and prior to that wasn’t the slightest bit interested in smelly boys),

The Tai Chi form I’m currently struggling to learn is called 18 Hands (but I only have 2),

I had my first mobile phone when I was 19 (and it was the size of a pencil case and you couldn’t text on it),

I own 20 antique costume jewellery brooches bought over several years from a market stall in Dorset,

For my 21st birthday my then boyfriend bought me a car stereo (where’s the romance in that?) and my Mum made me a huge collage of pictures and keepsakes from my whole life (a true work of art),

22 was my house number for role call at boarding school,

My Dad is tracing our family tree and so far he has found 23 ancestors we didn’t know about (I’m looking forward to hearing about Ebenezer),

I cn ansa in jst 24 charactrs!

My boyfriend is 25 (apparently I’m a cradle snatcher),

I broke my nose (pretty spectacularly) on a shop floor when I was 26,

Right now its 27 degrees outside,

I am 28, but next year I will be 30 (clearly I’m an alien and age 3 years for every human year),

I met my boyfriend on the 29th of October (in Halloween costume),

It took me 30 minutes to complete this set of facts.


At 7:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is very interesting to read :-)
I wanted to let you know that I´m still around (and still working on present No. 2), just a bit busy at the moment.
Your Secret Pal

At 9:06 am, Blogger cfknits said...

No problem! I'm working away on my second sock. I picked up the stitches much better this time and thought I had done your trick of picking up extra and knitting them together, but I still have tiny holes. Oh well, its my first pair, I'm sure I'll get better. The yarn still smells wonderful and it is such a treat to knit with!

At 8:53 am, Blogger Louise said...

very entertaining - and you called me a show off!-) Lxxx

At 9:15 am, Blogger cfknits said...

You are a show off Louise! Saying you are 35 when you are clearly 25! I think that we should all observe your skin care routine and maybe we will look all look as young! - Seriously 35, I don't believe it! xxx


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