Friday, June 30, 2006

Perfect Peony

So I was having a quick sneak round the UK Knitters Blog Ring (when I should have been finishing a chapter of my thesis) and whilst looking at annarella, I saw some aran weight silk yarn that I thought would be just perfect for the gift I want to make my pal Katie for her birthday in July. I saw it was a Hip Knits yarn, so I emailed Kerrie to see if she had any left. She told me it was called Peony and that she'd hunt some out for me and moments later had emailed me to let me know my skein of Peony would be on its way to me on Monday.

I'm so excited. I think the colours are perfect for Katie and coincidentally her favourite flowers are Peonies! I'm also really chuffed that Kerrie was so quick to find it for me! Thanks Kerrie.
So to repay Kerrie for her fab and fast service, I thought I blog about it as quick as I could!!!


At 10:29 pm, Blogger mjm knitting said...

Tigerlilly is so very cute. She even purrs. :-)

At 11:31 am, Anonymous Annarella said...

So glad I could be of inspiration :) Good luck with your pressie x


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