Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sock! Sock! Sock!

Oh my goodness, look, a sock! I can't believe it. I've knitted a whole sock!!!! I'm just thrilled. I have been using knitting help and socks 101 for extra assistance where needed - and thank goodness for both of them - but I still did it myself!

Excitement over, I would like to say that it bugs me that I didn't graft the toe as neatly as I'd like. I'm pretty sure I've done it properly, but it is a bit loose and bumpy. I know I'm being a perfectionist and that this is my first go, but I'd still like to have done it better. I'm also a bit troubled by the stitches I picked up at the gusset; I'm not sure if I did them too close to the edge as it looks less robust than I think it should. I'd also like for there not to be a slight discrepancy in the top edge where you start the first round. I'm wondering if I did something wrong, if there is a trick, or if I should just put a stitch in to bring them level?

So I've cast on the second sock so as to avoid 'second sock syndrome', but I've got to finish the jacket I'm knitting to wear for my friend's wedding, so it will still be on a back burner.

But for now I'm proud as punch of my lone sock!


At 8:13 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Charlotte, this sock really looks very nice! Concerning the problems you´ve mentioned: I believe you just need some practise.

Instead of grafting (because I really don´t like grafting), I do the toe decreases until there are four stitches per needle left (16 all together because I use 4 needles instead of 3). Then I turn the sock around (inside out). After that I put the 8 stitches of the top onto one needle and the 8 stitches of the sole onto another needle and make a three-needle-bindoff.

To avoid this little hole where you pick up the stitches for the gusset, I pick up another stitch where the hole would appear and knit this stitch together with the next stitch on needle through back loop. Uh, hope you know what I mean, I don´t know how to express it in English properly.

I´m working on your second present and I´m nearly done.

Have a nice weekend,
your Secret Pal

At 4:22 pm, Blogger cfknits said...

Thanks! I think it only looks good because the wool I was working with is so wonderful!

Thanks for the advice as well. (How useful - I get sock wool and a virtual sock tutorial). I understand what you are saying on all points and I think I'll give your suggestions a go on sock no.2!

Have a great weekend Secret Pal!!!!


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