Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fear of Felting

Kendalls clutch pre-felting
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So, I reknitted the Clutch You'll Never Give Up from the One Skein book and omitted 3 rows altogether and this time I had enough yarn. For those interested I just knitted one row less on each of the straight sections. Then I sewed up the bottom, which I found really tricky because of chunkiness of the yarn, and spent a good half-an-hour trying to work out what on earth Leigh Radford meant when she described the gusset seams. In the end I bit the bullet and sewed across the corners (you can kind of see the result in the picture), but I have no idea if this is quite right.

Anyway, now I just have to felt it and adorn it, and I'm really nervous!!! I have never tried felting before and I'm so scared my cruddy washing machine is going to eat up the purse!

I am also experimenting in this post with using Flickr for posting images. Blogger is being mean again and wont let me upload anything and then I noticed Flickr had a blog option. I don't like the fact it includes the image title (because now, if she is looking, Kendall will know what I'm making her), and I'm not thrilled by the black boarder, but apart from that I think it might be a good option?


At 11:13 am, Blogger Piglottie said...

Ok, take a deep breath - it's really quite easy! What I do is take my object to be felted and place it in an old pillowcase then tie the top of the pillowcase in 2 knots very securely as you don't want the item coming out. I put the pillowcase in the washing machine with something heavy like a really big old towel. (You could use some jeans but I know of people who have had the colour run onto their felted item and its been ruined). Put a little bit of washing powder in and then I usually felt my stuff on 2 60 washes. You could try one 90 wash but I prefer to do it once on 60, see how it turns out, then put it in again if needed. It really depends if you like a well felted look or not. When its finished, you need to pull the felted bag around a bit to get it in the right shape, and its always a good thing if you have something in a similar shape to dry it over in order to keep the shape. HTH and shall reply to your email soon (promise!).


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