Monday, July 30, 2007

Yarn Envy of the Worst Kind!

I DID NOT KNIT THIS (unfortunately)!

So I was checking out Ravelry, as Melinda had mentioned it on her blog, and I saw a screen shot for upcoming features that had a flickr gallery on it featuring the above scarf. I just fell in love with the yarn and the pattern - but specifically the yarn - so I hunted the image down on flickr only do discover that its maker used Easter egg dye and dyed the yarn herself! I mean for goodness sake in that combo it looks like Missoni!!! Its amazing!!!

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo frustrated. Just when I think I can dip my toe back in this knitting malarkey someone goes and does something clever that makes me realise I'll never measure up! :-(


At 3:57 am, Blogger LadyLungDoc said...

No need to worry about measuring up - the stuff you've made has been great!

At 6:17 pm, Blogger Lyndsey-Jane said...

don' worry about measuring up, you are have knit some really great things, and hand dyeing yarn really isn't that hard. I've done it with Wilton's food colouring paste and its great fun! Why not have a go

At 1:30 pm, Blogger Charlotte said...

Ah, you guys are so sweet! I wasn't fishing for compliments, honestly, but when you get yarn/knitting skill envy, you get it bad!

I can't imagine dyeing yarn, especially not in my new flat with its white carptet, but never say never I guess....

First, however, I'm going to try and work through some UFOs from last year...


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