Sunday, February 10, 2008

Birthday Magic Ball

This was lots of fun...I bought a Be Sweet Magic Ball from Loop in Islington for my friend Lucy’s birthday and gave her the gorgeous skein (I should have taken a picture of it in all its glory) with a note saying either I’d teach her how to knit it up or I’d do it for her. I was thrilled to receive it back with a command of ‘knit it now!’

The ball is made up of all different yarns and knits up super fast. The only downside is that the knots aren’t that secure between each yarn - especially the ribbon yarns - and tightening them myself didn’t make me entirely confident. There are also some knotty/knobbly bits in the yarn which I first thought were mistakes and nearly unravelled, but turned out to be a feature (you can see them in the picture), and which actually look lovely once the scarf is complete.
I used size 8mm needles and cast on 140 stitches to knit it lengthwise (as instruced at Loop so that the changing yarns would work well), which gave me a long thin-ish scarf - about 4 1/2 inches across. I think casting on about 100 to 120 stitiches would make a slightly wider scarf that is still long enough, but I think this one works well as it is.

Its pure girly froth and perfect for its owner…


At 8:17 pm, Blogger Cherry Rolfe said...

Shame about the unknotting knots! The idea, and the colours, really are sweet magic and its a great gift idea - but for a novice it might be frustrating! Lucky friends you have!!!


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