Monday, February 04, 2008

More Stuff I Made Folk for Christmas

Lots of knitting is and has been going here in the Purple Palace of cfknits, but due to my ravelry addiction, I keep forgetting to blog about it. So here, in February, are a few shots of some other Christmas presents I made.

First, we have Juliet, a pattern by Zephyrstyle, in Texere Chunky, which I made as maternity wear for my darling Jessica who lives far too far away from me, in Chicago. I met Jess when I did my MA and after initially freaking her out in a seminar with my colour change nail varnish (it went different colours according my body heat), we became very close, and now that she and her husband are back in the US (she is American he is English), I miss her terribly! :-(

Anyhoo, to remind her how special she is to me she was sent this cute chunky lace capped-sleeve cover-up.
I even went to LIberty to find pretty buttons and came up trumps with these black flowers, and then I added shirring elastic (rather than the specified crochet) loops, so there was bust ease for a pregnant lady! Unfortunately I don't yet have a picture of Jess wearing this, but she assures me that it went straight on the minute she unwrapped it, so if I'm lucky she might send me one at some point.
Next, we have Georgie's One Skein Wonder, a pattern by Stefanie Japel. Georgie helped me sooooo much with my training for my trek and is never far from my side when I have needed a shoulder to cry on or indeed someone to moan to over the last few years, and when she went crazy over a washcloth I knitted her last Christmas, I knew she deserved something bigger and better this year.
As you can see, like me, she has a fondness for colour - indeed there is quite a bit of cross-over in our respective wardrobes, which isn't helped by the fact after me, she one of our big customers at the boutique I work at - so using up the spare skein from my Central Park Hoodie yarn seemed the best option.
She has already sent me several pictures of her wearing this on several different occasions, and I already knew it went with half her stuff, so I think I did good. You can't see in these pictures from over Christmas, but she is actually wearing matching purple tights - a girl after my own heart!
Now I just have to get to work on the presents for next Christmas!


At 7:50 pm, Blogger Cherry Rolfe said...

Lucky friends - lovely buttons! I wish there was a Liberty's in Wales!

At 8:48 pm, Blogger Charlotte said...

You are probably lucky there isn't, I think sometimes I actually dribble when I'm in there!!! ;-)


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