Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Special Sophia

Baby Sophia Sienna Rowe has arrived, and she got a little wrap top with peach ribbons and some matching peach booties from her proud Aunty Charlotte (that's what I'm calling myself anyway).

The patterns were the Mason Dixon One-Piece Baby Kimono and Oh Oh! Baby Baby Booties and the yarns are GGH Big Easy and Scarlett respectively.

Nicky is my first close friend to have a baby and I have discovered that there is something incredibly magical about meeting the child of a close friend. I was utterly thrilled to see (and cuddle) Sophia on Monday, it seems only yesterday that her Mummy called me and told me not to tell anyone just yet, but she was newly pregnant.

Nicky and I have been friends since we were about 14, which by the way is only slightly longer than she has been with her (now husband) Rossy. I've never had any doubt that they would marry and have babies and I've always known (based the fact she is a calm, generous and supportive friend) that she would make a brilliant mother!

Of course Sophia cried when I held her, but that is because she doesn't yet know what a great Aunty I'm going to make!